In our experience, financial advisers are increasingly coming to the conclusion that they can enhance their client offering by focusing on their core wealth planning skills, outsourcing investment management to Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs), either through bespoke portfolio management or Model Portfolio Services on platform or direct.

When appointing a DFM, you need to ensure that the will be a good fit for your clients’ needs. Below we have highlighted six key reasons to consider Thesis Asset Management and their service offering.


1. Long standing heritage and focus on the long term

Thesis have been investing on behalf of clients for decades. They have built strong, lasting relationships with their clients and existing professional advisers, including lawyers, financial advisers and accountants. They pride themselves on their ability to invest for the long term and to stay focused on their clients, regardless of occasional economic upheavals and short-term market turbulence.

2. A people-based, relationship orientated business

Thesis take the time to understand their clients’ needs and circumstances, even as they change. They value a close working relationship with their investors, so as well as benefiting from their years of experience and expertise, you’ll also find them approachable and accessible.

3. Single approach for all – not just the very wealthy

They believe professional investment services should be available to a wide range of people, not just the very wealthy. This means they invest on behalf of all their clients using the same underlying process, whether it’s one person’s annual ISA allowance, or the money accumulated through generations in a family trust. All their clients receive the same warm welcome, professional service and regular progress update. This is what keeps so many of them invested with Thesis for the long term.

4. Tax efficient investing via tax wrappers

Thesis have experienced investment managers who can help you invest to make your tax planning as efficient as possible. Investing through tax ‘wrappers’ such as ISAs, SIPPs and investment bonds, for example, can often help to shelter investment gains from income and capital gains tax or enable you to plan your future tax liabilities to fit with your longer term financial goals. Please note that Thesis does not offer specialist tax advice.

5. Breadth of client communications

Thesis’ close contact with their clients ensures you have as much information as you need to stay in touch with your investments. They send portfolio statements every six months, showing the transactions made on your investment account and the change in value over the period. Furthermore, they also produce factsheets for the funds they manage, and a monthly market commentary to give you insight into the wider investment picture.

6. Consistent investment process

Their investment process has been designed by senior investment managers to be applied methodically over time. They aim to deliver a consistent, steady return for their clients, whether they are looking for growth or income, or a mixture of both. However, investments can fall in value as well as rise, and you may not get back the amount you invest.

We hope you found this article interesting. As always we enjoy hearing your thoughts, so please feel free to leave comments below.


This article was created for the DISCUS website for Thesis Asset Management. You can find out more about their discretionary investment services on their dedicated page here ›