7IM was set up because the founders could not find an investment product that suited their needs: to invest for the medium to long term, manage money to expected returns, a robust and rigid investment process, to say what they think in a straight forward way, all with a personalised approach to service – flexibility for the individual and an innovative reporting tool.

These are the tenets that 7IM has built itself on and what we offer to our clients and the advisers we have built relationships with, often helping them to grow their own businesses alongside ours.


Radical Common Sense.

Our discretionary service is single-mindedly personal.


A Picture of Retirement.

An interactive way for you to understand your client’s money no matter where you are.


Predictably Straightforward.

We manage wealth consistently, with structure, rigour and discipline.


We’re Seven Investment Management (‘7IM’) an investment management business that helps professional intermediaries to build their businesses. We combine innovative technology, great service and a common sense approach. Currently we look after more than £10bn of clients’ investments, as well as our own, with more than 200 of our people taking care of it all.

We’ve been around for over a decade, which means we’ve probably seen the best and worst the world can throw at us. Yet we’ve still delivered strong investment performance consistent with what we’ve promised our clients.

It’s not just money we run on a long-term view, building professional long term partnerships with planners is critical. It’s about long-term partnerships and working together for the client.


We start from the point of view that you know best what type of relationship you want to have with us and which of our services meet your customer needs.

Investment expertise. You can use our investment expertise to manage your clients’ investments on a discretionary basis, so you can spend your time on financial planning and generating new business.

Technology. You can use our platform and mobile technology to manage your practice, reducing paperwork and manual processes.

Funds and models. Putting our funds and models in your investment proposition will ensure the same predictable investment process.

Specialist situations. We can also help in specialist situations, such as Court of Protection cases, as well as investment mandates for trustees of charities and pension schemes – and we can deliver these services onshore and offshore.

So all in all it’s a pretty comprehensive offering. It’s underpinned by a disciplined and structured investment approach that is the same for all clients, big or small, and by an imaginative use of technology. Our regionally organised teams deliver a service in person that’s flexible and individual. It’s tailored to suit the particular needs of each and every customer.

Discretionary. Bespoke service, not random outcomes.

Investors crave a personal relationship. One where the service is tailored to them and the investment outcomes are consistent to their needs. So whether it be helping with the administrative burden, adding a uniform investment process or giving you a flexible approach to aid clients – we can help. We also avoid nasty surprises and deviation; no bespoke portfolio and random outcomes. Just excellent service and disciplined Investment.

In 2005 Jacksons set out to find a primary investment partner with whom we could work to provide world-class investment management for our clients. After lengthy due diligence process, we hit upon Seven Investment Management and have been working with them ever since.

From the very first case placed in 2005, the service has been excellent and the fund management disciplined and consistent, even throughout the credit crisis. Working with 7IM has been very much a partnership, and remains so to this day.

More than performance figures and service levels, the partnership remains strong because 7IM’s culture matches our own. They consider it a privilege to manage clients’ money. This is reflected in every level of their interactions with clients and financial planners.





With our discretionary service we can be as involved with your clients as you want us to be. We can meet your clients with you or even on our own; or we can have minimal client interaction – it’s up to you. We can take on much of the financial administrative burden from onboarding to in specie transfers, taking execution risk, CGT management, ISA subscription, phasing of investments or blending risk rated, unconstrained or third party managers through our Manager Selection Service. We also share Suitability, it’s a partnership after all.


When we build our discretionary (DFM) models we use the same Strategic Asset Allocation, yet tilt it quarterly to take account of short-term global outlooks and macro themes.

Our DFM models are implemented on a low cost segregated basis. Whilst these tools do not allow us to look through to the underlying client, our model portfolios enable us to provide a globally diversified investment across risk profiles, whilst also including exposure to innovative tools like smart passive funds and investing.


Our two ranges of multi asset risk-rated funds are designed to offer an expected level of long-term return in line with an expected level of risk. The only difference between the two is the way in which they are invested. Launched in 2003 the 7IM Multi Manager funds use active fund managers to implement the Strategic Asset Allocation. The 7IM Asset Allocated Passive funds, launched in 2008, invest into passive and smart passive instruments, to track the market. As unitised funds, any asset allocation changes are made across all portfolios, at the same time.


With a whole of market investment choice underpinning it, the 7IM platform is used by financial advisers running their own investment solutions, from their own discretionary portfolios to their own model portfolios; it is also used by advisers accessing 7IM investment solutions and by advisers using other investment managers’ investment solutions.

We continue to innovate and aim to make this available both on and offshore through 2016 for advisers. Again how you work with your Platform service team will depend entirely on your practice.

I have worked with 7IM for many years, we get personalised service, marketing support and they are always available to offer assistance in person here in Manchester or at the end of the phone. We have got to know the likes of Catriona and Dean and would consider them important to our business.



We have more than 70 team members in client facing roles, of which 28 are accredited CF30 DFM Relationship Managers and 20 Assistants.

Stewart Sanderson

Stewart Sanderson

Head of Relationship Management

Email me
m. 07540 770924
t. 0203 823 8861

Stewart joined from Coutts & Co in early 2013 to lead our Discretionary investment business. He is responsible for the day to day management of the Relationship Management team, managing a small portfolio of relationships and leading the strategy and development of our Discretionary business.

Catriona Reed

Catriona Reed

Team Head Relationship Manager

North & Scotland
Email me
m. 07968 010379
t. 0203 823 8711

Catriona joined in 2004 and is jointly responsible for managing a team that advises clients in the North of England and Scotland. She holds the full SII Diploma in Private Client Investment Advice and Management, Fund Management, and Regulation and Compliance and is a CISI Fellow.

George Winters

George Winters

Team Head Relationship Manager

South & South West
Email me
m. 07771 787884
t. 0203 823 8746

George joined 7IM in 2004, and heads up the team for the South West and holds the Private Client Investment Advice & Management and Investment Management Certificates (IMC). Prior to 7IM, George was at Barclays Global Investors where he was a Client Director looking after Charities, Trusts and Pension Funds.

Robert Poulten

Robert Poulten

Head of Sales

Email me
m. 07929 016217
t. 0203 823 8734

Robert is Head of Sales for 7IM, where he has worked since the early days. Robert leads the 7IM Business Development team who are responsible for developing opportunities across all of the 7IM products and services.

Chris Birch

Chris Birch

Team Head Relationship Manager

London, NI & the South East
Email me
m. 07866 768020
t. 0203 823 8710

In 2001 Chris joined 7IM from Killik & Co LLP. He manages the team advising clients in the South East of England. Chris holds the CISI Level 6 Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice & Management and the Securities & Investment Institute Certificates in Investments and Derivatives Trading.

Verona Smith

Verona Smith

Head of Platform

Email me
m. 07921 180673
t. 0203 823 8871

Verona joined the 7IM management team as Head of Platform in November 2013, having previously worked at Co-Funds.  Verona leads our platform proposition and owns both the service and sales functions.

Geoff Warrington

Geoff Warrington

Team Head Relationship Manager

North & Scotland
Email me
m. 07966 234697
t. 0203 823 8782

Geoff joined 7IM in 2008 and is jointly responsible for managing a team that advises clients in the North of England and Scotland. He is a Chartered Fellow of the CISI with over 19 years’ experience in the private banking, wealth management and legal sectors. Geoff spent 9 yrs at UBS Wealth Management prior to 7IM.

We have been with 7IM and Chris since the beginning. They have provided lots of support, be that investment commentary, face to face meetings, marketing copy and even help with networking and prospecting for new clients. In turn, our business has grown significantly and ultimately both parties have benefited. That’s surely the point of a working partnership.


If you can’t make it interesting, make it engaging!

Our newest marketing tool for advisers – My Future is intended to provide you with an easy to use and interactive picture of your client’s wealth and whether it will meet their needs in retirement. Capturing their family, property, assets and retirement lifestyle. It has the ability to save down plans, white label relationships and access clients accounts wherever you are with 7IMagine.


The 7IM investment process has structure and method at its core. There are two key asset allocation stages – strategic and tactical. We work with Ibbotson Associates to define strategic asset allocations for each risk profile at 7IM. Ibbotson is a leading authority on asset allocation with a strong research-based investment process, serving institutional clients across the world. We also seek additional returns and lower volatility by making shorter term adjustments to portfolios based on the economic and market outlook, through our tactical asset allocation.


Through effective use of the asset allocation, an investor can take full advantage of market moves, while maintaining control of risk.

The 7IM Investment Risk Team works completely independently from the Investment Management Team, enabling them to assess without prejudice the investment decisions being made and monitor that these decisions do not take the risk (based on shorter term assumptions than for the SAA) in the fund outside of the pre-agreed boundaries for each risk category.


Our innovative use of technology means we deliver reports that clients and their advisers want – bespoke, tailored time frames and reporting against a range of benchmarks appropriate for the client. Access is available 24/7 via our client website and reports are available wherever you are, at any time on 7IMagine, our award winning app. Developed with computer gaming software designers, 7IMagine presents interactive portfolio information, asset class breakdowns and individual sub-account drill downs at the touch of a screen.