“The measurement of achievement is not winning awards.

It’s doing something that you appreciate, something that you believe is worthwhile!”

Julia Child, chef and author

Tacit award logos

Tacit award logos


I have to confess that Julia’s thoughts resonated with me last week as Tacit was shortlisted for the prestigious Private Asset Management awards for our performance in both the Defensive and Growth categories. This came hot on the heels of being awarded Defaqto’s exclusive 5 diamond rating for our investment performance, and the ARC 3D transparency ratings already in 2019.

The cascade of private banks and multi-billion-pound private wealth managers that we were fortunate to sit alongside provided us with great insight, as we are passionate about what we want to achieve for clients. I am sure it is the same for our much larger peer group!

Oddly this dovetailed with the much-coveted Oscars, where I firmly track all British contingents – but I have to confess not into the early hours of Monday morning! This year, I very much hoped that Olivia Colman would win the best actress award for ‘The Favourite’, as I like to think Tacit is very similar to many of the British award nominees. We are unique, highly focused, talented and passionate about achieving consistent outcomes. In addition – like many British academy award nominees – we also keep it simple, which works for us and hopefully for our clients.

Since the introduction of the Academy Awards in 1929 at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, the British representation has consistently made an impact, yet Britain punches well above its weight on a like-for-like basis in being generally under-resourced and strangely maligned. I believe this is because British actors reflect on a consistent repeatable process in learning their trade, which develops a wider range of talent as a nation and in essence is a high conviction and boutique approach.

Simplicity, we believe, is the key and this is often underestimated, but much like the boutique British Oscar winners of the past – clear outcomes and recognitions establish a level playing field irrespective of size!

Clearly Tacit have focused with much conviction on what we believe is important, and we have been fortunate to have been recognised within independent professional awards and the truly bespoke arena for service and performance outcomes. This is a relatively rare occurrence for an investment management service provider.

Why is this an effective approach verified by a five-year plus performance legacy? It’s simple, focus and conviction, but also being able to simply describe why and how we do what we do! Unlike Olivia’s acceptance speech our job is ongoing, and we won’t be blowing any raspberries!


This article was created for the DISCUS website by Leigh Stephens, Head of Strategic Relationships, to announce Tacit Investment Management‘s recent award wins. To find out more about Tacit please visit their dedicated page here.