We have all heard about Centralised Investment Propositions (CIPs), here at DISCUS we’ve been helping advisers build them for many years. A hot topic right now, which many of the advice firms we speak with are seeking to address, is the creation of a CRP (Centralised Retirement Proposition). No matter where you are on your journey, whether you’ve built your CRP in-house, you’ve elected to outsource to a discretionary manager or you’re considering your options, the one question you need to answer is: will my CRP stand-up to scrutiny?

Given the regulator’s focus in this area following Pension Freedoms it’s crucial your CRP is robust and built using a framework that will drive consistent outcomes for your clients. It’s also important that your process can be managed en masse: that it is scalable, while at the same time personalised to the needs of each client.

7IM’s Centralised Retirement Proposition ‘in a box’

The team at 7IM have worked hard over the last few years to create a CRP framework that reflects real life and has the flexibility to adapt when your clients’ circumstances change. And, the best bit (in my view) is that it comes straight out of the box: you can use the entire process end-to-end or, due to its modular nature, consume the bits that fit best with your current process.

Make your client’s money last a lifetime

The 7IM Retirement Income Service is designed to help you work out how to make a client’s pot last a lifetime, even when you don’t know how long that lifetime will be. It is based on a systematic, robust methodology and research that works at scale – with a client’s personal information at its heart.


Benefits to advisers

The 7IM Retirement Income Service allows you to:

»  Manage sequence risk, inflation risk and longevity risk simultaneously

»  Compliantly scale your business

»  Maintain your own charging structure, with its cost-effective pricing


Benefits to clients

»  The flexibility to adapt cash flow requirements as life changes

»  Reassurance, with immediate online access to investments


NEW video from 7IM

The below video provides an introduction to the 7IM Retirement Income Service. It also reinforces how the underlying framework stands up to regulatory scrutiny.


To find out more, visit the 7IM website or download the 7IM Retirement Income Service brochure ›


This post was created for the DISCUS website to showcase the 7IM (Seven Investment Management) Retirement Income Service. You can find out more about their investment services here ›