Discretionary proposition comparison tool.

Our Compare tool will help you learn more about the different discretionary propositions available, and then compare features, benefits and services using your own criteria. Note that Compare will not replace detailed due diligence. It should be viewed as a starting point to help you to understand the services on offer and give you the opportunity to contact the discretionary managers directly to learn more or commence your due diligence process.


1. Register and login to use the tool

In order to use the Compare tool you will need to register and login. You can register here or by selecting LOGIN in the top navigation (tick ‘remember me’ so you only need to do this once).


2. Select the type of proposition

Select the type of proposition you would like to use as the basis of your analysis, from the four propositions options.

3. Choose discretionary managers (up to five)

Select discretionary investment managers from the list of logos. Only those who offer the type of proposition you are exploring will appear.

4. Set your criteria to compare

For each search you can select up to 20 criteria, from business information to the intricacies of the proposition, functionality and cost.

5. Produce your dynamic report

Your findings are summarised in a succinct table. You can then edit and replace criteria or managers, to run new reports – each one can be saved and printed.

Only registered users are authorised to gain access to the compare tool. You can login or register here.

Unsure of the discretionary managers to include?

When you run your first report using the Compare tool, you will need to select five discretionary managers to use as the basis of your analysis. You can then amend your criteria (up to 20 items) and also ‘select and replace’ managers to find the perfect fit for your needs. If you are unsure as to which firms to include at the outset, visit the Discover section to learn more about the managers represented on our site.