Financial planners and wealth managers are conditioned to think about the future – whether it’s helping your clients to plan for old age or investing in companies that will still be profitable in 30 years’ time.

As part of their ‘exploring the future’ series, Canaccord Genuity spoke to different experts to find out what long-term trends are they seeing and how these might affect your client’s long-term financial plans and investments.

Interview with Baroness Ros Altmann

We all know Baroness Ros Altmann. She was the UK Pensions Minister from 2015 to 2016, a leading authority on later life issues including pensions, social care and retirement policy. Watch the video to hear Baroness Altmann’s views on the future of retirement.

Baroness Altmann warns of an impending care crisis that neither individuals nor the government can afford; and while there are tax incentives around pensions, nothing is specifically available to encourage saving for old age care. She also recommends that clients get a regular ‘wealth check’ – to find out more, watch the video.



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