It’s always refreshing to see a financial services business that is happy to invest in its digital proposition. With this in mind, we were pleased to take a look at GAM’s new website, which enjoys a modern and crisp design.

One new feature, in particular, stood out for us: the company’s new ‘featured funds’ section. This highlights a range of investment strategies across different asset classes and styles. A short description is provided for each fund, making it easy for advisers to narrow down potential funds quickly.

Once you click through to an individual fund, you will be presented with key features and handy snippets of information – again making it really easy to understand the defining points of the fund.

The fund overview typically contains the following:

» Reasons to invest

» Our edge

» Philosophy and process

» Investment team

» Funds

» Our thinking

» Key risks

» Resources

» Contacts


Reasons to invest

The first section is divided into four key points, providing a snapshot on why you might consider investing in the fund. In the snapshot below you can see how this is set out for the GAM Systematic Dynamic Credit fund.

Our edge

You then move down to the ‘Our Edge’ section, which outlines the key benefits of each fund. These may include the team’s experience, strong processes, investment approach or solid track record. Each fund has its own points which are listed out nicely.


Philosophy and process

While the investment philosophy outlines the main strategy behind the fund, the investment process section explains how the fund’s strategy is implemented.


The investment team

It’s comforting to know upfront who is responsible for managing your client’s assets. This section provides an overview of the team and their experience. You can also find out more about the head of team and fund manager by clicking through to their full profile.


Our thinking

Here, GAM has pulled together the latest blog posts and internal articles that are relevant to the fund. This is particularly handy for those hoping to get a better insight into the investment team’s latest views. If you want to find out more, you can click through to GAM’s ‘Our Thinking’ blog section to access other insights across different teams and funds.


Fund information

GAM has sought to make it as easy as possible to navigate the range to find the most appropriate fund for your underlying client. The funds can be filtered by a range of criteria, including region, strategy and currency. In addition, advisers can easily access factsheets and KIIDs.



This section outlines some of the risks that your client may be exposed to with each fund, such as interest rate risk and currency risk.


Other information

In addition to the sections above, advisers can access the following:

Resources – PDF downloads with further information about the fund/product

Media – Video interviews with fund managers and directors

Contact – If you have any further questions, contact details are provided for team members


Easy to navigate

GAM’s ‘featured funds’ section is one of the best we’ve seen in the market and will help advisers to find the most appropriate fund(s) for their clients. We love that it’s dynamic and the experience is tailored to the adviser’s needs.

We encourage you to test it out for yourself – you can do so by clicking here. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know your own experience with this new fund selection tool. We’d love to hear from you.  

This article has been created for the DISCUS website for GAM Investment Management following the launch of their featured funds section of their new website. You can find out more about GAM’s investment services here ›