Every now and then I come across an initiative I can’t wait to share with our readers, and this time it’s the GAM Investment Academy. It addresses a need incredibly close to my heart – that of financial education for investors – not just here in the UK, but in other markets too.

The GAM Investment Academy

The team at GAM believe their job is to not only help clients achieve their investment goals, but to have a better understanding of the investment environment. To meet these aims, they are constantly looking at ways they can dig deeper and seek new ideas to make a difference. They embrace their natural curiosity to ensure they never stop learning – and strive to pass this knowledge on.

GAM’s overarching ambition is to educate as well as inform, so they have partnered with academic institutions to enhance their educational offering. The Academy provides access to some of the brightest minds both inside and outside of the investment world, via this single easily accessible website. 

The three pillars of the proposition include:

GAM investment insights

GAM have always sought out first-rate investment talent to manage their distinctive range of investments. This pillar showcases their ideas and research on the latest investment themes and innovations, macro and geopolitical activity, as well as broader industry trends.

It also offers more practical input on asset allocation strategies and updates on new and alternative investment approaches, with a view to keeping clients abreast of the latest investment thinking.

Academic partnerships

GAM has a long history of cultivating relationships with academic institutions – be it the University of Venice where they have a long-running educational programme on behavioural finance; the Spanish Stock Exchange where they support their professional academic training such as the MFIA certification; or their Cambridge-based investment business.

The GAM Investment Academy provides a platform for clients to access some of these academic institutions, leveraging their educational content and programmes to facilitate further professional development.

Social educational initiatives

GAM believe that the investment industry has a responsibility to support educational programmes beyond day-to-day business relationships. In their view, aiming to improve investment and financial literacy worldwide is an important endeavour and, in this light, the GAM Investment Academy has sponsored several initiatives to further this worthy cause. For example:

The Maria Jesus Soto Foundation

The Maria Jesus Soto Foundation was created with the objective of providing continuity and furthering the work Maria Jesus Soto has been developing for 25 years in the field of economic and financial education. GAM aims to supplement this work through entrepreneurship and their vast knowledge of the private and public sectors, thus completing the three pillars of their educational structure.

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This article has been created for the DISCUS website for GAM following the launch of their new Academy programme. You can find out more about GAM’s investment services here ›