Those who regularly read our content will know how much we adore video content at DISCUS! That’s why we’re delighted to share this video instalment from Shahid Chaudhri, Chief Investment Officer at Alpha Beta Partners. In this short clip, Shahid describes why Alpha Beta Partners is distinctly from other competitive offerings.

Alpha Beta Partners is a new portfolio manager, providing multi-asset portfolios at surprisingly low cost for retail clients.”

This is made possible through their diversified managed portfolios, their deployment of cutting-edge technology and use of experienced professionals.

Alpha Beta adopt techniques perviously only available to institutional investors. These techniques have been deployed by the partners at Alpha Beta Partners with great success, not only in the business today but previously at investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Salomon Brothers and at private banks like Coutts.

How do Alpha Beta keep costs low?

The Alpha Beta proposition is cost competitive for two key reasons:

»  The availability and use of low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which they uses the basis for constructing their diversified portfolios.

»  The seasoned, experienced professionals at Alpha Beta Partners use cutting edge technology (also deployed at low cost) to produce tailored portfolios which aim for the highest possible returns.

The use of institutional techniques

Alpha Beta Partners use of institutional methods which allow for the efficient targeting of risk profiles, and importantly, prevent any drift away from the assigned risk profiles using advanced portfolio monitoring techniques.

The portfolios are constructed using ETFs as the core. Satellite positions for each portfolio are then added, using carefully chosen managed funds. As a combination this enables the delivery of risk tailored funds or portfolios, at low cost, which at the same time seek to achieve the highest possible returns.

How can advisers benefit?

Advisers using the Alpha Beta portfolios can rest assured that the risk profile will be met, the cost expectation will be met and the portfolios will achieve the highest possible returns. As a result, the financial adviser can focus on planning and delivering advice services to their client – without worrying about their investments.

Watch the video to find out more (it’s just 2:39)


This article was created for the DISCUS website based on an interview with Shahid Chaudhri, Chief Investment Officer at Alpha Beta Partners. Shahid has held senior positions with major financial companies, including Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs, RBS/Coutts and Capita Financial. In the video, he explains how Alpha Beta Partners meet risk and cost profiles to achieve the highest possible returns. You can find out more about Alpha Beta’s discretionary investment services here ›