There is much to be said for investing in your digital proposition – whether you are a discretionary fund manager (DFM) or an adviser.

Demand for digital engagement from customers of financial services businesses continues to grow, as technology works its way into most areas of our day-to-day lives.

With this in mind, it is refreshing to see how RC Brown has risen to this challenge by making a significant investment in its digital proposition. The DFM has launched a new client portal, which offers impressive functionality to both advisers and their underlying clients. We believe that this will help the business to stand out in a crowded market.

The client portal delivers the following:

» Daily portfolio valuations

» Up-to-date transactions

» Secure messaging for client instructions, which is encrypted end-to-end

» A breakdown of all holdings in the portfolio

» Historic valuations and charts

» Asset allocation information

» Quarterly reporting, ad hoc reporting, tax packs and other correspondence

» Available via an app on desktop, mobile and tablet

The system was developed by MoneyInfo and RC Brown is the first DFM to use this technology.

The system was developed by MoneyInfo and RC Brown is the first DFM to use this technology.

RC Brown said feedback from clients has been very positive so far, with clients opting to use the portal as the primary means of communication because it is more secure than paper-based mail. What’s more this information is available ‘in their pocket’ via mobile app, tablet or desktop.

Advisers and their underlying clients like the fact that they can see up-to-date information on any trades that are being made, as well as the underlying holdings in the portfolio, which is particularly useful in volatile market conditions. This transparency is invaluable for both the adviser and the underlying client.

The new system also helps the company to meet MiFID II requirements. In fact, it goes beyond the requirement to notify clients by the end of the day if a 10% drop in their portfolio has taken place. RC Brown is able to send the adviser a secure message in the morning, which means they can pre-warn their clients about the 10% drop. This is just one of multiple functions which enhances trust in the relationship between the client, the adviser and the DFM.

In addition, RC Brown’s secure portal represents a great alternative to using a third-party platform: clients and advisers are provided with fantastic functionality and are able to cut out platform fees in the process.

We salute RC Brown for making this investment in its proposition and hope to see other DFMs following suit.

This article was created for the DISCUS website based on a interview with Wayne Sawyers, Sales Director at RC Brown following the launch of their new client portal. To find out more about RC Brown please visit their dedicated page here ›