In response to adviser and client demand we have two ‘ethical’ managers on our site (I’m using quote marks, because I’m not sure if this label is out of date, given recent innovations in this area. Perhaps I should use ‘values-based investment managers’?). One of those managers, EQ Investors, recently made several announcements, which I’m pleased to share with you in this post.

Just last week EQ Investors took the title for ESG Innovator of the Year at the Portfolio Adviser Wealth Manager Awards 2019. The award is a nod to the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios, which they launched in 2012 for investors who care about how and where their money is invested. The portfolios invest in funds that can evidence they are supporting companies taking steps to achieve a social or environmental impact – as well as a financial return.

Damien Lardoux, Head of Impact Investing at EQ Investors, said:

“The rewards for our positive impact approach will be felt in the returns our portfolios make for our investors and the impact our investments have on the world in which we live. It is nonetheless pleasing when our efforts are recognised in their own right.”

What I like about EQ Investors is that they proactively educate investors about how they can, through their investments, play a role in solving the world’s challenges. They make values-based investing both easy to understand and accessible. For example, take a look at this video from Quietroom they recently shared to demonstrate the relevance of sustainable and impact investing for ‘the person on the street’.

Measuring impact, in pounds and pence

Some of you may recall when we announced the launch of EQ’s impact calculator. It’s an impressive tool to show, illustratively, the good that a client’s money can do when they invest in one of the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios. Let’s say your client invests £20,000 in the adventurous portfolio; this can be associated with the avoidance of 2.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the last year, equivalent to taking one car off the road. This impact is achieved through the technologies developed by the companies EQ invest in around renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Head on over to the EQ Investors website to try the tool out for yourself.


Webinar on September 10th

EQ Investors are hosting their next Bringing Impact Investing to Life webinar at 12 pm on Tuesday 10 September, where they will showcase how companies held within their portfolios are making a positive impact on society and the environment. The series is highly popular, so I encourage you to sign-up early:

Register here for the webinar ›

Good Money Week in October

Good Money Week raises awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance – banking, pensions savings and investments – to help people make good money choices (see this article and video I created last year to demonstrate why this is great for advisers).

We can all make sustainable and ethical decisions around what we do with our money, from the food we eat to our morning coffee and clothing choices. Over the course of the week consumers are invited to attend a wide range of events that will help them understand the impact their money can have.

The team at EQ Investors are hosting an event in support of Good Money Week at 3pm on Tuesday 8 October where they will explore what makes storytelling so impactful, and how can you use it to connect with investors who want to align their investments with their values. The event will be held at EQ’s offices in London.

Register for the event here › 

Good news for international clients…

You’ll be pleased to hear that the EQ Positive Impact Portfolios are now live on Novia Global, which means clients living abroad or looking for multi-currency model portfolios can access the EQ proposition. For more information on this exciting new launch please see the press release.


This article was created for the DISCUS website for EQ Investors. You can find out more about EQ Investors and their discretionary investment services here ›