LGT Vestra is a UK and Jersey-based wealth management partnership founded in 2008 to serve the needs of our clients, including intermediaries and the successful individuals they represent. A privately owned business, we are determined to bring some fresh thinking to wealth management and have developed a discretionary model portfolio service that is client-focused, approachable and forward thinking.

Discretionary fund management.

The LGT Vestra discretionary service allows you to delegate all investment decisions to our highly experienced investment team.

Working in partnership.

LGT Vestra work in partnership with you, providing advice and support based on what is best for you and your clients.

Managing risk.

Through the LGT Vestra platform service, you determine your clients’ risk profile while we take care of the investments.


We’re LGT Vestra and we are here to work in partnership with advisers, providing them with the investment expertise that they may not have the time or resource to develop themselves, adding value to the intermediary-client relationship.

After a successful 8 years, we now have over £7.4 billion in funds under management and in June 2016 joined in a strategic partnership with LGT, the leading private banking and asset management group, wholly owned by the Princely family of Liechtenstein. The partnership will build on the strengths of both firms to provide your clients continuing excellence in investment portfolio management.


We work in partnership with you to provide advice and support based on what is best for you and your clients.

We believe great results come from working in close partnership with you. We can give you tailored advice and the resources you need to help grow your business and achieve the best outcomes for your clients.

Our support is provided in a way and at a level that suits you best. For example, we offer:

Portfolio management. Researching, implementing and managing your client portfolios.

Platform availability. Our services are available through a number of the UK’s leading platforms.

Online account access. Access to your clients’ accounts and portfolio whenever you need it.

Whether you are looking for fully bespoke discretionary management, ethical portfolios, advisory portfolios, standard or bespoke model portfolios (on platform or direct), we can offer a solution. From our Jersey office we can also support your clients’ offshore needs. Other specialist services include a technical consultancy service and the ability to work with US persons.

Multi-asset portfolios. Available on a wide range of platforms.

Do you want to manage your clients’ portfolios on investment platforms?  We offer a range of risk-adjusted discretionary portfolios available on a number of different platforms. Operating in this way, you maintain absolute control over the client relationship whilst we take care of the investments within the portfolio you have selected for them. Our multi-asset funds are available through all of main platforms.



Our bespoke service comprises multi-asset individually tailored portfolios designed specifically to meet the particular objectives of your client. We work closely with you as your client’s adviser to understand their suitability requirements in terms of attitude to risk and capacity for loss, making sure that the portfolio is correctly positioned to provide the investment returns your client needs to meet their financial goals and objectives.

As part of our wider bespoke proposition we are proud to be able to offer investment portfolios specifically designed to meet your client’s ethical requirements. As part of this service we utilise an “Ethical Screening Service” which enables us to screen any potential investments that conflict with your clients chosen set of criteria.



We offer a suite of volatility controlled model portfolios which successfully serve as an effective ‘outsourced’ investment solution for our financial adviser partners and their clients. Launched in November 2009 the model portfolios have been specifically designed to be custody neutral and can be accessed through leading third party platforms as well as via our own custody arrangements.

We can also run bespoke model portfolios, aligned to the requirements of your advisory firm and clients. Our research capability and discretionary powers can allow for a quicker and more efficient response to fast changing markets, offering a fresh and original investment experience.

Offshore versions of our model portfolios are available via our Jersey office.


We offer a range of multi-asset funds for advisers with clients that are most suited to a Unitised DFM based approach. Our Volare range (volare is Latin for ‘to fly’) comprises four funds. Three of the funds – Cautious, Balanced and Growth – are managed to a band of volatility, whereas the Volare Strategic Income fund targets a yield of 3.5% which could be attractive for those investors looking for a sustainable level of income in a risk-adjusted environment.

The Volare funds are mapped to the main risk profiling tools, including Defaqto, Distribution Technology, Evalue, Finametrica and Oxford Risk.

Our case studies can help you to determine whether the funds might be appropriate for specific financial planning circumstances.


We currently employ more than 240 staff of which 43 are working partners.

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The LGT Vestra difference.

At LGT Vestra we deliver a highly personalised and individual service to our financial adviser partners, via our specialist regionally based Business Development team. We understand that your clients are YOUR clients and will always put their interests at the heart of our business. As a privately owned business we have a long-term outlook and continually look for new ways to improve our service and proposition. See how we can add real value to your business.


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