This week I had the pleasure of catching-up with Simon Howard, Chief Executive of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF, pronounced ‘Uck-sif’). We covered a number of topics in our DISCUSsion, including the UKSIF Good Money Week campaign that will run from 29 September to 5 October 2018. Read on for some of my key learnings, including why it matters, this year’s focus on women and several great new tools for advisers.

Our latest Coffee Talks video

If you have time, watch the video (it’s less than 3:00 long), or keep reading for the highlights.

What is Good Money Week?

Good Money Week raises awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance – banking, pensions savings and investments –  to help people make good money choices. Just like our food, coffee or clothing choices, we can make sustainable and ethical decisions around what we do with our money.

During Good Money Week there will be events across the UK (you can search their long list on the Good Money Week website) for investors, financial advisers and other investment professionals. There are also a number of tools that advisers can use to show their support, including infographics and this informative report on Attitudes to Ethical and Sustainable Investment and Finance in the UK.

This year, the focus is on women

This is the eleventh year of the campaign and focuses on empowering women to feel more confident when it comes to investing. The reason? Not only are women less likely to invest – causing a huge investment gap, particularly when it comes to pensions – they are also more likely to invest ethically.

In my view, the campaign strapline captures it all: when women invest – the world wins! And the question – Who Fund the World?. This video captures what happens when a group of women hear the difference in average pension size between men and women, an issue financial advisers, UKSIF and other members of our profession are well placed to help tackle. Good Money Week is a definitely a step in the right direction.

Tools for advisers

The team at Good Money Week have created several helpful tools for financial advisers. For example, in the video Simon mentions several business case examples, including a woman’s guide to investing (a great tool to use with your female clientele) and the business case for adopting an ethical and sustainable approach to investing. You can view the documents available for download here.

Simon also shared a testimonial from an adviser based in Scotland on the success he has had for more than a decade – without the need to prospect. Watch the video for the full story.

Would you like to get involved? Visit the Good Money Week website for more.

Alternatively, there is still space at the EQ Investors event next Tuesday afternoon. You can find out more and book your place here.  Hopefully we’ll see you there!