Multi-award winning discretionary manager with a 27 year heritage.


The R.C. Brown discretionary investment services are offered to clients for a minimum investment of just £15,000. Our investment team draw on 100 years’ investment experience gained from working within leading investment houses in the City.


We offer a choice of competitive and transparent fee structures, with no hidden charges. They are designed to meet the needs of MiFID II – which will force our competitors to clearly show any additional costs, such as transaction fees, which we do not charge for. Our Annual Management Charge can be as low as 0.4%.


At R.C. Brown our sole focus is on managing money, we do not give financial advice, so there are no conflicts of interest. We are also owned by our employees. With no external shareholder influence we can concentrate on delivering outstanding long term performance and client service.

Unconflicted discretionary management.

Our investment solutions are introduced by regulated financial advisers. They do the planning while we manage the money – avoiding any conflicts of interest.

It's our experience that counts.

R.C. Brown is a multi-award winning firm, owned and managed by an experienced team of successful City fund managers.


Consistent. Long term performance.

We pride ourselves on the consistency of our long-term performance. Our five year numbers speak for themselves.


R.C. Brown Investment Management Plc (RCBIM) was founded in 1990 and is based in Bristol.

In the early years the firm focused its services on the institutional market place, managing money for predominately pension funds and charities. However, in early 2010 we decided that we would enhance and extend our offering to the rapidly growing private client market, supporting financial advisers.



Our highly-disciplined approach to managing investments begins with a decision on the overall portfolio structure, to ensure the most appropriate mix of different asset types and geographical markets to achieve your client’s investment objectives.

By avoiding over-concentration in any one fund or market sector, we aim to achieve consistent, above average long-term performance without exposure to undue volatility or risk.

We invest directly only in our core areas of expertise, primarily UK equities, and use a combination of talented third party managers and an index approach elsewhere.

R.C Brown has particular expertise and access to the ‘wholesale markets’ – Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), rights issues, placings by companies to raise new share capital, and placings by known sellers. The benefits of purchasing shares normally free of stamp duty and usually at a discount to the prevailing market price is clear to see.

We favour managers with consistently good performance and a robust and coherent investment approach. In addition, we use sophisticated analytical tools to understand the style bias of each individual fund and that of the combined portfolio.

Discretionary portfolio management with unwavering focus.

We only provide discretionary portfolio management services. We do not have a financial planning arm, nor do we manage our own product wrappers for SIPPS, insurance bonds and the like. This means that your client delegates responsibility to us to do what we are focused on: the ongoing management of their portfolio. It also gives us the ability to implement investment decisions quickly and efficiently, while involving you in the minimum amount of investment administration.

At our practice we use Discretionary Fund Managers for all our Pension and Investment business. During the course of our research we were impressed with the features and options offered by R.C. Brown Investment Management, so we made initial contact. They were quick to respond and have shown both us and our clients excellent levels of service. In addition their Portfolio Managers are very knowledgeable and construct really good portfolios. Highly recommended.





Our tailored portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis, with the UK equity element in directly held shares. The overseas investment exposure is via collectives.

This service is typically suited to clients with portfolios of more than £250,000. Where the client is already invested, we are happy to transfer these in and manage them over time towards our preferred strategy.

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We offer a suite of actively managed portfolios of collectives, across 5 risk profiles. Our managed portfolios are typically suitable for clients with amounts to invest between £15,000 and £250,000.

In instances where the client is already invested, we are happy to transfer these holdings in and manage over time towards our preferred strategy.

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Bob Brown

Bob Brown


Bob co-ordinates our investment stance across the various strands of our business, he has specialist knowledge of the UK primary opportunities market.  He has worked in investment management for over 40 years. After graduating from the University of Durham with a degree in Politics, Psychology and Economics, he spent 11 years with Phillips & Drew, then joined DRG, to manage their in-house pension fund, before setting up RCBIM in 1990. Bob is an Affiliate of the Society of Investment Professionals and a past Secretary of the Western Group of the National Association of Pension Funds.

“When I set up the business in 1990 my aim was to create a firm that was professional, looked after its clients and staff equally and could adapt quickly to the ever changing world.  I am very proud to say that my goals have been achieved.”

Alan Beaney

Alan Beaney

Investment Director

lan has over 30 years experience in the investment industry. Starting as a property analyst at Phillips & Drew, he moved into investment management with ICI Pension, and has since held senior positions with firms including Lloyds Investment Managers and Investec Guinness Flight. He joined RCBIM in 2009 from Principal Investment Management where, as Head of Investment, he oversaw a significant increase in both profitability and assets under management.

“I like the lack of bureaucracy here, which gives us the ability to react quickly. A professional approach and an organisation that seeks to treat both its clients and staff fairly: good old-fashioned values in modern world.”

Glenn Meyer

Glenn Meyer

Head of Managed Funds

Glenn has more than 30 years investment management experience. He began his career as a graduate trainee at Lloyds Bank, after a period running private client portfolios for customers of the bank he became a unit trust manager with Lloyds Investment Managers. In 1997, he joined Pavilion Asset Management as Senior UK equity fund manager, then spent seven years as a Director of Fund Research at Standard & Poors, before joining RCBIM in 2010.

“Many fund managers talk about aligning the interests of clients and the business. Our whole philosophy is based on this principle: our investment managers invest their own money alongside our clients’, and under the same process.”

When I set up the business in 1990 my aim was to create a firm that was professional, looked after its clients and staff equally and could adapt quickly to the ever changing world. I am very proud to say that my goals have been achieved.


Neil Whelan

Neil Whelan

Investment Director

Neil joined RCBIM in 2016 and has over 15 years experience in the investment management industry. After graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in Mathematics, Neil joined Principal Investment Management, where he progressed to the role of Investment Manager. In 2010 he joined Ashcourt Rowan, where he was responsible for an investment team managing private client portfolios across the South West and Wales. Neil is a Chartered Fellow of the CISI, the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body.

“We place a strong emphasis on providing an excellent investment service to our clients. Our investment in technology is a key element of this, enabling us to constantly monitor client portfolios to ensure they are ideally positioned based on our current investment outlook and quickly implement any changes in approach which we feel may be beneficial.”

Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

Investment Director

Oliver manages the institutional clients of the business and also leads our research into UK ‘primary’ market opportunities.  He graduated from Birmingham University with a degree in Money, Banking and Finance, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Grant Thornton, where he worked with listed clients in a variety of sectors, specialising in the construction, leisure and IT industries. He joined RCBIM in 2006 and is a former President of Bristol Junior Chamber.

“We work as a team, but our own individual decisions make a big impact on the success of our clients. I invest all my monies alongside that of our clients, so my interests are aligned – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Robert Clark

Robert Clark

Sales and Marketing Director

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m. 0770 294 2690

Robert is responsible for developing relationships with Financial Advisers and Solicitors who have clients needing investment portfolio management. He has worked in financial services for over 25 years and began his career with Barclays, where he spent a number of years with Barclays Wealth in the Channel Islands, then headed up its Private Client sales operation across the Middle East. He joined RCBIM in 2010 from Merchant Investors.

“Doing what’s right for each client comes first here. We’ve all worked for much larger companies who pretend to do this, but ultimately fail to deliver. Each of us is an integral part of our proposition and service delivery, happy to take ownership. Freedom of thought is actively encouraged.”

Wayne Sawyers

Wayne Sawyers

Sales Director

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m. 07734 693971

Wayne is responsible for developing relationships with Professional Intermediaries. He has 9 years experience in financial services, focusing on the successful delivery of Wealth Management solutions to Independent Financial Advisers and Networks. He started his career with Clerical Medical, as a Broker Consultant, specialising in Life & Pensions. He then moved to AXA Sun Life , eventually specialising as a Business Development Manager for their wrap platform, Elevate. He joined RCBIM in 2015.

“Building professional relationships, realise on the actual delivery of service. It’s great being part of a company where everybody within the firm has a vested interest to continued success. Which means all staff genuinely take ownership and pride in what needs to be done, delivering a great service and experience to both the IFA and ultimately their clients.”

We have outsourced client portfolio management for many years, and what has impressed me with R.C. Brown Investment Management is their attention to detail; they treat each client as an individual and their administration process is managed by efficient staff who are easy to engage with and always available when needed. The ‘total package’ enables me to confidently recommend them to my clients.



Due diligence. We've done the heavy lifting.

The regulator has due diligence in their line of site. In response we have created a detailed due diligence pack, with the pertinent facts to help you begin your due diligence journey on R.C. Brown. Request your copy today.


Our team are here to answer any questions you may have about our range of discretionary investment solutions.
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