Thinking boldly, investing responsibly.

Sarasin & Partners is a specialist asset manager, trusted to invest £13.6 billion (as at 31 March 2018) on behalf of intermediaries, charities, private clients and institutions around the world. As long-standing specialists in providing multi-asset investment solutions, our diverse, experienced team stretches from global analysts and economists to risk experts, all sharing knowledge and ideas on a daily basis. We are passionate about what we do, and focus exclusively on delivering strong, long-term investment performance and exceptional client service. 

Responsible Stewardship

At Sarasin & Partners, we consider ourselves stewards of our clients’ assets.

We take this responsibility seriously and have been acknowledged by the UN Principles for Responsible Investment who graded us A+ for the overall strategy and governance of our stewardship approach.


Sarasin & Partners is responsible for investing £13.6 billion (as at 31 March 2018) on behalf of intermediaries, charities, private clients and institutions around the world.

We are long-standing specialists in providing multi-asset investment solutions and our diverse, experienced team of global analysts, economists and risk experts share knowledge and ideas on a daily basis. Using our history of investment expertise and innovation, we seek the most suitable businesses for long-term investment, taking our role as stewards of our clients’ assets seriously.

We operate as a partnership, with local management owning 46% of the economic interest. The remainder is owned by Bank J Safra Sarasin. The Group in total has assets under management in excess of £118.3 billion.*


Our long history of multi-asset investing for charities and private clients affords us the experience to take advantage of opportunities across the whole spectrum of asset classes.

Drawing upon our forward looking asset allocation process, we offer this expertise to you and your clients in four ways:

Model portfolios. Our five portfolios are built around a single core investor proposition: to preserve the real value of assets over time.

Sarasin Fund of Funds range. Using our well-established fund research capability, we select and blend funds run by a diverse array of active fund managers that offer genuine alpha-generating investment opportunities.

Sarasin GlobalSar Funds. Our flagship family of multi-asset funds; we combine our asset allocation expertise with our global thematic equity process. Each of our GlobalSar funds creates a diverse investment portfolio in one simple structure.

Bespoke solutions. Providing access to a broad range of asset classes, through both proprietary and third party fund options, we can create solutions to target a pre-determined outcome or level of income for your client.

You can find out more about each of our investment services below.

* Bank J Safra Sarasin as at 31 December 2017 (updated annually); exchange rate used CHF:GBP = 1.25585

Analysis and opinion, designed to keep you informed.

Our expert team of global analysts, economists and risk experts draw on their wealth of knowledge and resources to generate ideas, which they share on a daily basis. We regularly publish their views in articles and videos to help you, and your clients, to see the world through our eyes and understand the key tenets of our investment approach. Visit the Insights section of our website for informed analysis and opinion on investment themes and the global economy.



We recognise that many advisers are looking for ways to deliver best-in-class core asset allocation solutions for their clients. That’s why we developed our five thematic model portfolios. Each Sarasin Model Portfolio has been developed to meet an inflation-adjusted return target over a rolling five year period.

The strategic framework we use is reviewed and agreed on an ongoing basis, following which the portfolio managers can make tactical asset allocations to take advantage of current market conditions. The model portfolios can invest in our own fund range, as well as funds from other fund management groups. Find out more ›

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“Our portfolio managers use our own multi-asset funds at the core, providing access to Sarasin & Partners’ proprietary thematic investment process”


The Sarasin Fund of Funds range includes four products; differing in the risk and return characteristics to meet different client needs – Global Strategic GrowthGlobal Diversified GrowthGlobal Growth and Global Equity.

Our fund selection process involves:

Thinking ahead. We use macroeconomic analysis to identify drivers of global change and those companies best placed to succeed.

Experience & expertise. We look for managers with proven investment ability under various economic conditions.

Truly active managers. Many active managers don’t have real potential to outperform because they stay too close to their benchmark. We only invest in active funds when they justify their extra charges. Otherwise, we’re happy to hold passive funds, which helps to ensure costs do not eat into returns.

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The Sarasin GlobalSar fund range is a complete portfolio solution. It is sophisticated, internationally diverse, and supported by award-winning reporting and quality of service*.

There are three flagship members of the Sarasin GlobalSar family of funds, which can be employed individually or in combination as a blended solution: Sarasin GlobalSar – IncomeSarasin GlobalSar – Strategic, and Sarasin GlobalSar – Dynamic.

All of the Sarasin GlobalSar funds operate from the same investment platform but each possesses a distinct risk/return profile and differing objectives.

Different combinations of the funds can be used to cater for a range of investment objectives, matching your clients’ needs.

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*Private Asset Managers awards 2000, 2004, 2008-2011


We have a long history of multi-asset investing for charities and private clients, which affords us the experience to take advantage of opportunities across the whole spectrum of asset classes. That’s why financial advisers have chosen us as their investment manager, using our asset management capabilities to offer a range of solutions for their clients. Providing access to a broad range of asset classes, through both proprietary and third party fund options, we create solutions to target a pre-determined outcome or deliver a target income.

We custom build these solutions with our clients, taking into account individual asset and risk requirements, operating within agreed volatility boundaries, and offering distribution and marketing support.

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Iestyn Richards-Rees

Iestyn Richards-Rees

Regional Sales Manager

m.  07595 056578

Throughout his 10 years in the industry, Iestyn has held sales and distribution roles with brokerage, platform and asset management firms. Before joining Sarasin & Partners in 2018, Iestyn was Regional Sales Manager for Verbatim Asset Management, specialising in multi-asset and discretionary solutions.

Iestyn studied Law at Cardiff University before joining Standard Life Investments as a graduate trainee.

William Colville

William Colville

Investment Sales Manager

William joined Sarasin & Partners in November 2015. He is responsible for developing relationships with financial advisers and discretionary fund managers in London and the southern region of the UK.

Prior to joining Sarasin & Partners, William was an associate within the Client Relationship Team at Ingenious Investments.

William has a BA (Hons) in History from the University of Nottingham, an MSt in Modern History from Oxford University, and a Graduate Diploma in Law from Nottingham Law School. He also holds the CISI Level 6 Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice & Management.

Christopher Cade

Christopher Cade

Sales Director

Christopher has more than 30 years of industry experience and joined Sarasin & Partners in 2015. He focuses on distributing collectives throughout discretionary and advisory businesses as well as Sarasin’s Outsource Solution for IFAs.

Previously Christopher has worked with Baring Asset Management and Skandia UK where he undertook various roles including Head of Third Party Distribution and Specialist in Investment Marketing respectively.

Christopher holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

Caroline Bond

Caroline Bond

Distribution Support

Caroline has more than 15 years of investment experience and joined Sarasin & Partners in 2001.

She is responsible for the processing of client legal and operational agreements, management and coordination of new client contacts, liaison with clients/intermediaries, resolution of administrative queries, administration of internal CRM systems and reporting.

Caroline holds a BA (Hons) in American Studies.

John Pringle

John Pringle

Sales Director

John has more than 30 years of investment experience and​ is responsible for building and managing relationships with key product providers, private client stockbrokers and IFAs in the northern region of the UK.

Prior to joining Sarasin & Partners in 2008, he was with Henderson where he performed a similar role for over eight years.

Investing responsibly

As long-term investors we believe it is critical to take a holistic view of the underlying financial performance of a company and its sustainability: as we look a decade ahead, the impact of a company on the environment and society matters in our evaluation of its investment prospects.

We also consider very carefully the potential impact of a wide variety of trends ranging from climate change to labour conditions and resource scarcity as an integral part of our thematic investment approach.

Compendium of Investment

Our Compendium of Investment was originally designed to help trustees plan and implement their investment policy in conjunction with their investment manager. It is an invaluable resource for financial advisers, offering a wealth of information that can be used to formulate an investment policy aligned to particular objectives or as a resource to educate clients and help them navigate through the complex investment landscape.


We believe in taking a long-term, global approach to investing, adopting a holistic view of the underlying financial performance of companies. This involves going beyond valuations to analyse environmental and social impacts, as well as governance practices, to identify opportunities that will provide enduring value for our clients.

Multi-asset. We excel in creating multi-asset solutions. Employing our dynamic asset allocation process, we draw upon the full range of asset classes to create bespoke portfolios, charity funds, model portfolios, funds of funds and unitised multi-asset funds. These can form either the core of a larger portfolio, or a complete investment solution in their own right.

Third party funds. The third party funds team at Sarasin & Partners has the role of researching, selecting and monitoring external managers for use within client portfolios and other unitised funds. They use an unfettered approach to select best of breed managers, giving clients the opportunity to access strategies that are not offered in-house and diversify manager risk.

Equities. Our equity team follow our well defined global thematic approach, using a forward-looking framework to identify the inexorable trends that will shape the world in which we live and invest, and the companies best placed to benefit from them. Our analysts then filter these down to the very best investment opportunities in companies with quality characteristics, growth potential and attractive valuations.

Fixed income. We offer both universal credit portfolios and responsible credit portfolios. Our experienced fixed income team utilise a variety of credit instruments, always seeking strong credit fundamentals and good relative value. They work closely with our team of equity analysts and economists, benefitting from sector research.

Real estate. Global listed real estate offers liquid access to an attractive but illiquid underlying asset class. The real estate team emphasise quality in the buildings, the locations and the management teams, working with a highly regarded consultant to ensure access to fundamental on-the-ground research. We offer both a standard and a sustainable unitised fund.

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