It’s official: today is the UK’s hottest July day on record! Just an hour ago temperatures reached 36.9C at Heathrow in west London and to mark the occasion we’ve compiled a list of the 7 hottest articles on our site (so far) this year.

These articles have attracted the most attention from advisers


#1 Why it’s time to decentralise your Centralised Investment Proposition

Coming in at number one is an article on the Product Intervention and Product Governance Sourcebook (PROD), legislation quietly introduced with MiFID II in January 2018, and its potential to radically change the way most advisers run their Centralised Investment Propositions. In fact, the top three articles on our site this year have been PROD related – the other two are Rory Percival explains PROD and Centralised Investment Propositions and PROD: 5 key questions answered. This shows just how hot the topic is, however we didn’t want PROD to hog the limelight on our list so we’ve bundled the articles together at number one. Read article ›


#2 New ‘Why DFM?’ video for DISCUS (what do you think?)

At number two is our tongue in cheek (as you will see!) animation designed to highlight the difficulties of running advisory model portfolios in-house. We created the video to share on social media and get people thinking about the benefits of using third-party DFM services. Take a look and let us know what you think! Read article ›

#3 Buying and selling advice firms

Coming in at number three is an article by our friends at Ruffer on buying and selling advice firms, and the role private equity has played in the IFA consolidation wave. This is a particularly hot topic for those either looking to sell or acquire to gain scale. It’s well worth a read. Read article ›

#4 Unitised DFM: What’s it all about?

At number four we have an article by Duane Hasnip, Client Manager at GAM. Duane shines a light on the newest kid on the DFM proposition block: unitised DFM. He explains how it differs from the myriad of multi-asset options available to retail clients – and why it matters. Read article ›

#5 Don’t feel pressured to custody your assets with a DFM

This next instalment is an article and video with Tony Allan, Head of IFA Sales at LGT Vestra. Tony strongly believes DFMs need to be custody-neutral in order to support the wide and varied needs of their adviser partners. However, in reality some investment management firms are too preoccupied with gaining custody of as many adviser assets as possible (criticised as a very out-of-date way of thinking). Read article ›

#6 Why this Centralised Retirement Proposition succeeds where others failed

Given love is in the air for Centralised Retirement Propositions (‘CRPs’) it comes as no surprise that this article came in at number 6. A recent survey by 7IM, which gathered the views of 300 advisers, showed that almost 6 out of 10 wanted a CRP in the same way that they have a CIP. Read on to see how 7IM are addressing this need. Read article ›

#7 Do you have clients over 50? Don’t make these marketing mistakes

This article explores whether you’re missing a trick in your marketing to the over-50s. It’s based on recent research and a report by the agency Founded, aptly named Middle Aged ‘Til I Die and shares insights into the wants, needs and preferences of those in this age group – and the mistakes marketers are guilty of making when engaging with this audience. Read article ›

We hope you enjoy these ‘hot reads’ and wherever you’re reading this, you’re managing to stay cool.