This week we wanted to shine a spotlight on one our discretionary investment managers, Alpha Beta Partners (‘Alpha Beta’).

Below is a short introduction to their business and investment services. Read on to learn exactly who Alpha Beta are and what makes them different. We’ve pinpointed five key points of differentiation, which we believe should matter to advisers.

The Alpha to Zeta on Alpha Beta


1. Alpha Beta Partners only work with Financial Advisers

They don’t have a private client business or financial advice arm. And, as a new player in the DFM space they have built their services around the needs of financial advisers. Think of how you would build an investment business, one that works solely with financial advisers, if you were given a ‘white sheet of paper’. That’s exactly what they did.

Alpha Beta are free from conflicts and 100% focused on building strategic partnerships with financial advice businesses. Their focus is on creating centralised investment propositions that marry perfectly with a firm’s advice process.


2. They don’t simply ‘sell funds’

Unlike a traditional discretionary manager, Alpha Beta don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, they work in genuine partnership with financial advisers to create and run their centralised investment propositions. Their truly global multi-asset portfolios are tailor-made to the firm’s advice process, constructed using the Alpha Beta Risk First approach and Smart Asset Allocation.


3. Active management at a competitive price

Alpha Beta aim to be disrupters in the market through an approach that uses active management, deployed through the use of both active and passive instruments. They have designed their solutions to provide the best market returns at the minimum cost. Their investor value proposition is described as:

To preserve the real value of the client’s assets over time and to replicate selective asset performance at low cost.


4. They bring institutional techniques to the retail market

Alpha Beta harness powerful investment methods that were previously the preserve of large institutions. Through their partnership with Host Capital they are able to deliver portfolio solutions for retail clients at a competitive price, accompanied by high service levels.


5. Risk-rated multi-asset portfolios

Alpha Beta have created multi-asset model portfolios, all of which are actively managed, aligned to risk rating scores from three to eight. The portfolios are invested in funds, investment trusts and exchange-traded funds – with ongoing charges that can range from 33bps to 50bps.

The following chart illustrates the efficiency of the Alpha Beta portfolios vs. their peer group.



Adviser case studies

Alpha Beta have created a series of case studies to show the different triggers for advisers to use their services. Click through to view the PDFs.

Considering a switch from advisory to discretionary management?
Alpha Beta Partners can support Wealth Advisory and IFA firms that are currently not utilising model portfolios to make the transition. Download Case Study

Considering a Change of Discretionary Fund Manager?
Alpha Beta Partners can support Wealth Advisory and IFA firms that are currently utilising model portfolios and outsourcing to discretionary Fund Managers. Download Case Study

Thinking about creating your own funds or unitising your solutions?
Wealth advisory firms who currently operate model portfolios and a central investment proposition may consider the advantages of a change to a fund structure? Download Case Study


This article was created for the DISCUS website to showcase Alpha Beta Partners. You can find out more about Alpha Beta’s discretionary investment services here ›