Last Wednesday Thesis Asset Management hosted their annual Adviser conference, In pursuit of excellence: helping advisers build better businesses.

The event was aimed at financial advisers and included talks by Rory Percival and Keith Richards. Presentations aligned to the event theme covered pensions, the future of advice, stock selection, buying and selling IFA firms, compliance and discretionary investment services.

Harriet was fortunate enough to attend the event and over the next few weeks she will share further insight into what she learnt on the day. Below will give you a taste for what is to come, with a summary of the seven key talks Harriet attended and brief synopsis of each.


» Risk profiling: pitfalls and solutions // Rory Percival

Late last year Rory presented at our very first DISCUS event on the topic of discretionary due diligence. He shared his recommended five step approach to due diligence, and in his presentation and the expert panel discussion afterwards, the risks associated with mapping a client’s attitude to risk to a portfolio solution were highlighted. This is key focus area for Rory and at the Thesis conference he addressed best practice for assessing a client’s attitude to risk, stressing the importance of also assessing capacity for loss.


» Pensions – the 2017 version // Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison’s talk on pension’s was quite poignant, given the current political landscape. He looked at the potential changes that could arise in the pensions market, depending on the election outcome. A key point I took away from this presentation was the importance of pension/retirement planning as part of your client’s bigger picture.


» The practicalities of buying and selling IFA firms: managing the process to maximise the value and minimise the risks // Roderic Rennison

In line with our latest event series – the seminar is in London tomorrow – Roderic’s talk examined the practicalities of buying and selling IFA firms. His content focused on the process from the perspective of a buyer, paying particular attention to the importance of due diligence and common issues that can arise.


» Sentimentalist cynic or cynical sentimentalist? // Jonny Gamble

Oscar Wilde famously said a cynic is “a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing” while a sentimentalist is “a man who sees an absurd value in everything and doesn’t know the market price of a single thing”. Jonny Gamble’s talk looked at how to determine which category your investment manager falls into; a sentimentalist cynical or a cynical sentimentalist. Along with an explanation of why it matters and how to manage client expectations.


» The good, the bad and the ugly: UK equities // Giles Marriage

As Head of UK Equities at Thesis Asset Management Giles Marriage offered key insights into the Thesis Equity Stock Selection (TESS) process. His analysis touched on current challenges in the market and tools to overcome them.


» Direct securities in discretionary services // Ian Hunter

With the Rugby Lions tour just around the corner, it seemed only fitting for Ian Hunter to use rugby metaphors to give insight into Thesis’ unitised discretionary services. His talk outlined the Thesis Unitised DFM proposition, particularly highlighting the benefits of unitised discretionary services.


» The further evolution of professional advice // Keith Richards

Keith Richards examined the evolution of professional advice and highlighted how the profession continues to gain positive recognition and regain the public’s trust. Furthermore, his talk looked toward the future and touched on the opportunities ‘going digital’ can bring to the industry.


Stay tuned for further insights from the event, with a spotlight on specific topics of interest to our readers.

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This article was created for the DISCUS website based on the Thesis Asset Management event In pursuit of excellence: helping advisers build better businesses. To find out more about their discretionary investment services please visit the Thesis dedicated page ›