The edict I live by is ‘never have any regrets’ – so whenever an opportunity comes along, I grab it with both hands. This approach to life is what landed me in London 15 years ago with my very new boyfriend, no friends, family, job or place to live, in a country some 17,000 kilometres from my home in Sydney. Luckily the decision turned out well: I’m still here, married to that boy, with a career that I love and two beautiful children.

So, when presented with the opportunity to be interviewed in an aircraft performing acrobatics 7,000 feet above the Oxfordshire countryside, what do you think I did? I bullishly said ‘yes’ and spent the next few weeks with butterflies in the pit of stomach as I contemplated what I’d agreed to.


What was I thinking??!!

You only live once and when an opportunity like this comes along, you simply can’t say no. How many people get the chance to do something like this? It really is a once in a lifetime experience.


It’s the financial services equivalent of carpool karaoke

The concept of ‘In the Front Seat’ is just like carpool karaoke, but for personalities in financial services. It’s an original style of interview, one that people will want to watch. As a marketer, I was totally on board with the concept – given a lot of what we produce can be quite ‘samey’. What better way to cut through the noise and have a whole lot of fun at the same time!


The flight

It felt like time sped up between the day I agreed to do the interview and the day of the flight. Before I knew it, I was kissing my family goodbye and heading to the air field (with my life insurance policy strategically placed on the kitchen bench, just in case).

The butterflies in my belly began their own acrobatics routine as I thought to myself, “what’s the worst that could happen?”. Roland Rawicz-Szczerbo, Director at Time4Advice, was my pilot, and I kept telling myself: “Roland does this all the time, I should be fine” – (although I must say, I’m glad I didn’t read the LinkedIn comments until I was safely back on terra firma. Many of you – you know who you are – said you wouldn’t get into a car with Roland, let alone his light aircraft. You even questioned whether he was licensed to fly).

Chris Baigent-Reed, the Founder and director of Jigsaw Tree went up before me and had landed just before my arrival. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that she was looking a little green, which didn’t do much for my nerves.

Before I knew it, I was being strapped into a harness pulled tightly to ensure there would be no wiggle room when we spun upside down (what on Earth was I thinking?!). Roland carefully briefed me and before I knew it, with my heart pounding loudly in my ears, we were speeding down the runway and took flight.

The rest you can see in the video, which has been carefully edited to remove my screams. And the nonsense I spouted about regulatory change and its impact on advisers…

It was exhilarating. And I would do it again tomorrow.


As you will see, my interview was all in the name of promoting the new Podcast series I’m launching with Neil Bage of Be-IQ, which is proudly sponsored by the Embark Group. Now that’s taking a new launch to entirely new heights!!